and a touch of LEMMON

by Alan A Sandercott

Short story collection (8)

110 pages. Perfect bound. 5" X 8".
First printing December 2000
ISBN 0-9684708-7-3

[Out of Print]

  • River of Tears - An old trapper risks his life in the middle of a winter storm to rescue a deer trapped on the river ice attempting to escape a pack of hungry coyotes.
  • Just Passing Through - A passing motorist becomes embroiled with small town law enforcement resulting in strange results.
  • Marty - A lonely old farmer and a furry little martin cross paths with life changing results.
  • Across The Lake - An old prospector and his dog interact with a wild wolf pack in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Gotcha!! - The pursuit and arrest of a drunken driver has a bizarre ending in a courtroom.
  • The Lair - Two boy's mountain hike turns dangerous when they encounter a wild cougar.
  • En Guarde - A hunter risks all to protect his trophy moose.
  • Night On The Town - The exploits of two sailors spending a night out in a foreign port.

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