My Sandercott/Robinson/Robertson family history websites no longer appear online for privacy reasons. However, I'm still busy working on genealogy and extending our tree as much as possible.

After many years of research using available paper records, my research now uses DNA to trace my ancient male ancestors back thousands of years. I first started with AncestryDNA for an analysis of my Autosomal DNA. Late February 2020 I received a report with maps showing my possible ethnicity and the names of 2nd to 5 & 6th cousins from around the world, currently several hundred of them. By downloading the Raw Data from Ancestry I was able to extract a wealth of valuable information that started me on my new search.

To learn even more I later took a Y37 DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA followed by their Big Y-700 test which confirmed my earlier research and put me on the trail of my ancient male ancestors. It has been a long and tedious process but a great way to pass the long winter months here in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

As always I'm happy to compare notes and help other researchers in any way I can.

I can be reached at:

Just some of the Families.

England   Germany   Scotland   Norway   Northern Ireland  

Ever wonder where your ancient ancestors are from??

If you have taken a DNA test or would be interested in taking a DNA test please contact me.

I'd be more than happy to help. The more of us that undertake DNA testing the more accurate our results will be.

I can be reached at:

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