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USF Confereracy. Model Shipways kit. 1:64 scale 35" hull length. Purchased pearwood from usa, instead of the basswood provided. Still under Construction. I am close 'enough for jazz', scratch rigging it...
Builder Victor Yancovitch. Email

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La Couronne - Scratch built. Used cherry wood, reinforced with epoxy resin and 4oz fiberglass on the inside, and one layer of 2oz glass on the outside, sprayed with urethane. Used plans from 'PÔrisSouvenirs de marine122.jpg'. Just under eight feet long.
Builder Victor Yancovitch. Email

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HMS Royal William - Scratch build. Radio controlled. Pear wood from South America, reinforced with fiberglass and polyester resin on the inside. Eight feet long. Roughly 5 years part time building
Builder Victor Yancovitch. Email

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HMS Prince - Scratch build
Builder Victor Yancovitch. Email

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Greek Bireme - Used the dusek kit as a base, but totally modified it, solely via imagination. Found some roman crew which were too large so I had to melt parts of them to make them fit. Also found some greek soldiers.
Builder Victor Yancovitch. Email

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