Living in rural British Columbia, Canada we are surrounded by wildlife. It's common year round to have fox, deer and moose on the property. They can be a pest but you learn to live with them. Bears too are common, especially in the fall, when they seek extra food in preparation for their winter hibernation. Occasionally we see such things as mountain goat and cougars passing through, and once we even saw a grizzly bear. A big enjoyment though is the wide variety of birds, both migrating and resident that show up at our bird feeders.

Young buck muledeer in early winter.
Young red fox pups exploring their new world.
Young mule deer digging in the flower beds.
Pygmy Owl visited our birdfeeder.
A pair of Whitetail deer.
A young Mountain Goat on his way through looking for a new territory.
Whitetail deer under bird feeder.
Snow geese on their way north.
What a difference a day makes. Four inches of new snow has melted and a red fox welcomes bare ground.
Mule deer fawn & mother cleaning up bird seed under feeders.
Some kind of spider?
Waking up to the pitter patter of little feet outside the window.
Canada Geese enjoying a rest near ferry landing. Positive spring indication.
Family of Whitetail deer at our birdfeeder.
Big bird??
Spring break-up on Francois Lake.
There may be skims of ice on the lake but the humming birds are back!!
April Fools!! Winter is back! The deer are not impressed.
Swans and Canada Geese resting before continuing their flight north.
Juvenile bald eagle still wet from a plunge in the lake after a fish.
Young red fox pups exploring their new world.
Bald Eagle nest in poplar tree, almost brought down by the weight of winter snow.
Red Fox pups playing by the den.
Bald eagle watching for a fish dinner.
Black bear cub up the tree.
Wild mushrooms of all kinds.
Evening visitor.
Mountain Ash tree climbed by bear.
Visiting bears parting gift. Why our my lawn? Why not in the bush?
A few of the many visitors to our feeders.
Bald Headed Eagle on tree out front.
Tawny the red fox and one of her sibblings at the den.
Strange animals emerge from the bush.

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